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Collaborative Leadership Communication

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Restorative Relationships specialises in supporting clients to develop clear, effective, respectful, responsible and collaborative communication.


From our perspective the desire to collaborate arises in each of us when we have an experience that: our perspective is important, that we have choice, that what is being asked of us is clear, and that we understand how what we do, can contribute.


We believe that we as humans actually do want to give, contribute, and understand each other, however we need the opportunity to do so.


Often what gets in the way of the perception that there is the opportunity to contribute are the ways the opportunities are presented to us through communication.


Restorative Relationships will support your organisation to communicate with each other in ways in which collaboration will arise naturally.


What we offer...


Individual coaching: Individual or group support to approach challenging work place communication.


Workshops: Collaborative Leadership Communication

                      Foundations One

                      8 Weeks 2hrs/week or over 2 eight hour



                     Collaborative Leadership Communcation

                     Foundations Two

                     8 Weeks 2hrs/Week or over 2 eight hour



Based on Dr Marshall Rosenbergs model of nonviolent communication (NVC) and mindfulness.


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