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An overview of the eight modules are as follows:


1. Differentiating between feelings and thoughts

   Participants learn the difference between thoughts, feelings and story feelings.

   They will experience why it’s important to express to our partners how we feel about

   a situation  rather than just our thoughts/judgments.

   They will learn to recognize and identify feelings/emotions in their bodies as a

   resource for self awareness and self connection. They will develop an

    understanding that feelings are important messengers which support us to connect

    to our needs. They will learn the importance of choosing to notice feelings and

   exploring the connecting need, rather than reacting to the feeling/emotion.


2. Connecting feelings to needs and needs to strategies

   Participants learn to understand the concept of needs and learn to differentiate

    needs from Strategies. They will experience how one need can be met by a

    variety of different strategies and how by choosing one particular strategy other

    needs may or may not get met. They will gain perspective and understanding

    that the strategies which meet needs for them may not meet the same

    needs for their partner.


3. Listening and Empathy

   Participants will learn to listen for feelings and needs in what their partner is

    saying. They will experience the difference between receiving empathy and

    receiving other forms of intended support such as, sympathy, reassurance,

    distraction, companionship etc... They will learn that they can acknowledge

   their partners experience and emotions without agreeing with their partners

   strategy and how empowering, connecting and liberating that skill can be.


4. Observations verses evaluations

   Participants will learn the importance of using observations in expression rather

    than evaluations. They will get to experience the difference between the two

    and understand for themselves why it makes a difference. They will learn to

    distinguish between their interpretation of a situation and the reality.


5. Self Empathy

    Participants learn to recognize and observe their judgments and evaluations and

    use them to connect to their feelings and needs as a way to gain deeper self

    understanding and clarity. They will learn to recognize the meaning they are

    making of a situation and how to check out the reality of it.


6. Making requests 

   Participants learn the importance of requests as part of expression and how to

    craft a request that will meet their needs and their partners. They will learn

    the difference between a request and a demand. They will learn how to hear

    and say no.


7. Practicing honest expression

   In a supportive framework, participants bring what they have learned in the

    previous modules together to practice connecting, clear, effective and self

    responsible communication.  


8. Receiving and giving gratitude and appreciation and Expressing Regret

   Participants use the learning from the previous modules to craft

   appreciation and gratitude towards themselves and their partners.

   They will learn to express gratitude that far extends beyond the casual thank you.

  They will learn to express regret for their partners needs not being met as a

   consequence of something they did or said in a way that is authentic,

   believable and connecting.


Nonviolent & Mindful Couples Communication Workshop

Do not worry if our harp breaks

thousands more will appear

We have fallen in the arms of love where all is music


If all the harps in the world

were burned down

still inside the heart there

will be hidden music playing


Do not worry if the all the

candles in the world flicker and die

we have the spark that

starts the fire


The songs we sing

are like foam on the surface

of the sea of being

while the precious gems

lie deep beneath.

But the tenderness in our songs

is a reflection of what is

hidden in the depths


Stop the flow of your words,

open the window of your heart and

let the spirit speak




This is a 20 hour 8 module workshop based on the principles of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and mindfulness.


The 8 modules covered are specific to couple dynamics and are delivered in an experiential group setting. Each module builds upon the previous one with the intention of creating a structured map to make sense of where we get stuck and disconnect, and how to move through our differences with care, regard and clarity.


Developing confidence and competence in this framework empowers us to make sense of our own feelings, needs and perspectives while also learning how to understand our partner's feelings, needs and perspectives. When we can move from a position of protectiveness, fear and blame towards curiousity, understanding and acceptance, we find that the opportunity to find a nuetral meeting ground and a richer and more rewarding connection opens up.

Course Fee:   $250 for Individuals and $480 for Couples


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