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Workplace Medation 


Are you are wanting to resolve challenging employment situations?


To develop solutions to that will have beneficial outcomes for everyone involved?


To ensure that everyone involved has a voice?



Restorative Relationships provides a professional and nonbiased structure in which each person or party gets to safely express what's important to them, gets acknowledged for what's important to them, and in most cases, reach a resolution and agreement in which the most important needs of each person or party can be met.



Business Partner Mediation


Are you and you business partner butting heads?


Are you wanting to find solutions that are mutually beneficial?


Restorative Relationships provides a structured and simple process that provides opportunity to resolve differences and proceed to mutually benefit shared agreements.



Parenting Agreement Mediation


Are you weary of fruitless arguements that achieve only more resentment?


Are you wanting to trust that your childrens best interests are you and the childs other parents first priority?


Do you want to trust that you and your childs other parent are in agreement with the care and responsibilities of your child/children?


Restorative Relationships offers a professional, structured and safe process to address parenting differences and to support parents to find mutual ground that is in the best interest of their children.


For more info on Family Dispute Resolution mediation click here.

Responsible collaboration is when the need to thrive need not be compromised by what may appear to be an impossible situation.

Mediation Services

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Family Mediation


It can be both painful and frustrating to feel disconnected from your children and spouse.

Misunderstandings, misinterpretaions can lead to feelings of hurt and resentment. Restorative Relationships will support you to reconnect through understanding each other.

This is not always a comfortable process but if you are willing to take a glimspe at each others perspective, you may find yourself dismantling walls of hopelessness and isolation and rebuilding foundations of trust, love and connection.